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Sleep Tracks Review

Natural Cure for Insomnia using brainwave entrainment


 SleepTracks Review

Product Name: Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program

Author/Creator: Yan Muckle

Product Type: Download or CDs

Guarantee: 8 weeks

Synopsis: This program uses brainwave entrainment on 3 cds to program the electrical activity in your brain to produce the more desirable brain waves for healthy sleep patterns.

Safety: Completely safe. However, should not be used by epileptics, pregnant women, pacemaker wearers, prone to seizures.

Equipment needed: CD player or ability to burn mp3 to cds (digital product only)

User reviews:  ..."Instead of taking hours to fall asleep, I'm off in less than 10 minutes. I literally sleep like a baby and never wake up during the night anymore." from American Chronical

..."It took about 2 weeks but I'm now in a really great sleep pattern. I wouldn't quite call it normal but it is incredible compared to how I was (not) sleeping before." from Meagan N.

 ..."These natural sleep aids get good user reviews. They've been shown to work in independent testing, and they're commonly used in sleep clinics." from Sleep Aid Reviews 

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