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Super Sleep CDs


 SoSuper Sleep CDmetimes you just need a little help getting to sleep. These sleep cd's -Super Sleep - will do the trick.

I found these products while doing a product review for another product that incorporated the Hemisync techniques. I found it was much cheaper to go direct to the source.  Plus they have a huge selection of tapes and CD's that can help with almost any problem! I especially enjoyed "Einstein's Dream".

So browse around the website while you are there. It's fascinating reading. Another great feature is the ability to hear samples of the cds. In many sites, the sample is only a few seconds long. Here you can listen to a loop of the samples as long as you want. It's great! I sometimes play them as background music while I'm working. However, be aware that to receive the benefit of these programs, proper headphones must be used, and the sample is not the full CD.

The average price for many of the CD's is only $19.95. A bargain for this advanced mind/brain technology.

Order today and sleep well this week! 

Super Sleep CDs


Here are some other interesting CDs I found:

  Learn while you sleep

    Learn While You Sleep

    While there are many skeptics about sleep learning, there have been enough studies done to give this some serious consideration.

   Learn While you Sleep breaks the mold of all the other memory and learning methods books and manuals you have heard and read about.

   It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn easier and faster as well as dramatically increase your memory.


 Relaxing Sleep

   Ultimate Guide to Relaxing Sleep Every Night

  A total mind and body relaxation using skilled hypnotherapy techniques that can help guide you into a deep and relaxing sleep.

  This is a completely safe and effective way of guiding you into a deep sleep, and helping to cultivate regular, healthy sleeping patterns.